Historical LGA Population density & gaming expenditure statistics

This data set included population and expenditure breakdowns by LGA, demographic statistics, labor statistics and Socio Economis Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) LGA score and ranking per LGA.

Detailed descriptions of this data set include:
- Region (LGA name)
- Population (18+) projection
- Venue numbers
- EGM numbers
- Total net expenditures
- Population (18+) per venue
- Net EGM expenditure per adult
- EGM per 1000 (18+)

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Additional Information

Field Value
Created (Data Asset) 23/05/2019
Published (Metadata record) 01/08/2014
Last updated 22/03/2020
Organisation Department of Justice and Community Safety
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Data temporal coverage: 01/07/2007 to 30/06/2016