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Vicmap Address is Victoria's authoritative geocoded database of property address points. The data includes predominately, but not exclusively, locational property address identifiers assigned by Local Government, considered to be the primary creator and custodian of property address. If accessible, other 'real life' property addresses created and used by the community, but not recognized by Local Government including retirement villages, assisted care facilities, industrial and public housing estates etc. are included. The 2011/2012 audit against Local Government addressing revealed a 97.41% match rate, increased from 92.43% in 2008/2009 following the 2009 Address Completion Initiative. Key validation fields are 'source' and 'source_verified', respectively indicating the address source and date last validated against that source. The minimum address attributes required for a property address to be included in Vicmap Address are road name and locality. However, the principal address details include the unit/house number(s), road name (including any type or suffix) and locality (town/suburb/rural district). Vicmap Address is jointly maintained with Vicmap Property (VMPROP), with every address relating to a VMPROP record, joined through a property_pfi link. Many additional attributes are included, where available, to facilitate use and relevance to the user community. N.B. Specifically excluded are non-property related, and electronic address details such as email, post office (PO) boxes, roadside delivery points (RSD's), roadside mail boxes (RMB's) and the like. Current data model: Version 6.1 (Oct 2016)

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    Address - Vicmap Address

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Published (Metadata record) 01/08/2014
Last updated 27/03/2020
Organisation Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Data temporal coverage: 31/12/2020 to 31/12/2020
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