CFA Fire Safety Inspections


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Release Date December 29, 2014
Temporal Coverage Start July 1, 2010
Temporal Coverage End June 30, 2016
Data Quality Statement Data Source: CFA Fire Safety Inspections Institutional Environment: Data Collector(s): Data are collected by Country Fire Authority (CFA) Collection authority: Data on Fire Safety Inspections are collected under the following legislation: • The Building Act 1993 ss228, 227(e) and 252 • The Building Regulations 2006 rr309 and 1003 Part 17 • The Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 s148W • The Palnning and Environment Act 1987, and Subdivision Act 1988 • The Residential Tenancies Regulations (Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings) 2010 rr11, 12 and 22 • The Occupational Health & Safety Regulations rr 5.2.9, 5.9.10, 5.9.11, 5.9.12, 5.3.34, 6.1.32 • The Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Interim Regulations 2011 rr 41, 436 and 437 • The CFA Act 1958 s29(d) Data Compiler(s): Data are compiled by CFA, which is a volunteer and community-based fire and emergency service organisation. Additional information: Data relating to Fire Investigation Reports is held securely at CFA and is published only in aggregate form. Relevance: Data topic: Data were collected on physical sites subject to Fire Safety Inspections conducted within CFA jurisdictions. Level of geography: Data are available for CFA jurisdictions within the state of Victoria. Key Data Items: Data are provided for 2010-2015: • Type of inspection • Location of inspection Numerator/Denominator Source: N/A Additional information: • Fire Safety Inspection data are collected to fulfil CFA's statutory obligations. • Data are captured only on the number and location of inspections - outcomes are not included, nor is any assessment of risk. • Standard classifications are used to classify type of visit and location. Timeliness: Data collected: Data are collected on an ongoing basis and reported as required Data available: Data are available from the time of Inspection close-off. This may range from 2-4 weeks (or longer in some circumstances) from the time of initiation. Reference Period: Data are available for 2010-2015 Additional information: • Data are captured from time of Inspection close-off (not initiation). • Inspections may be underway at the time of data reporting, however they will not be included until they have been completed. Accuracy: Method of Collection: Data were collected using standardised hard copy forms which are coded by administration staff. Data Adjustments: N/A Collection size: Approximately 7000 inspections are undertaken per year. Under Counts: • Inspections conducted with no paperwork submitted would not be captured in the data. This would affect a small percentage of inspections. • Staff are encouraged to follow proper procedures to ensure all inspections are captured. Over Counts: • Over counts would occur if more than one file was created for a particular site which may affect a small percentage of inspections. • staff are encouraged to follow proper procedures to minimise duplication. Additional information: Data processing is automated and policy and procedures are in place to minimise processing errors. Coherence: Consistency over time: Data are relatively consistent over time, however definitions of inspection types may change according to changes in legislation. Consistency of jurisdictions: Each State and Territory has its own legislation therefore data are not necessarily consistent. Numerator/denominator: N/A There is a consistent time series for this data. Additional information: There have been no changes to underlying data collection processes since 1992. Interpretability: Context: N/A Other Supporting information: Further information on Fire Safety Inspections can be found on the CFA website: Additional information: N/A Accessibility: No further data are available. Contact details: CFA Headquarters Address: 8 Lakeside Drive, Burwood East, Victoria Australia 3151 Postal Address: PO Box 701, Mount Waverley, Victoria Australia 3149 Telephone: +61(3) 9262 8444 Fax: +61 (3) 9264 6200 Additional information: • Data are based on individual site inspections which can identify individuals, therefore has been reported at the broader location level.