Environment Mitigation polygon dataset

Under the Melbourne Strategic Assessment program, liabilities are calculated through the use of the Environment Mitigation Dataset'. This dataset is made up of two sub-sets, theEnvironment Mitigation Polygon Dataset' (this dataset) and the Environment Mitigation Point Dataset'. TheEnvironment Mitigation Polygon Dataset' (this dataset) provides the habitat areas across the levy area, while the `Environment Mitigation Point Dataset' provides the point data for scattered trees.

Liability is based on the hectares of habitat and the price for that habitat type, and the number of scattered tree location and the price for a scattered tree location. A parcel of land, or other area for which a liability is imposed, may have a liability imposed based on the coverage over that land of one or more of the following:

Native vegetation area Matted Flax-lily habitat area Spiny Rice-flower habitat area Golden Sun Moth habitat area Growling Grass Frog habitat area Southern Brown Bandicoot habitat area Scattered tree location

Each of these are represented in the `Environment Mitigation Dataset', with the polygons for each represented in this sub-dataset.

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Published (Metadata Record) 23/06/2022
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