EPA Victoria Priority Sites Register (PSR) - Location Polygons

The Priority Sites Register (PSR), maintained by EPA and publicly available since 1998, is a listing of all sites for which EPA has formalised requirements to manage contamination.

Priority sites are sites for which EPA has issued a clean up notice pursuant to section 62A or a pollution abatement notice pursuant to section 31A or 31B (relevant to land and/or groundwater) of the Environment Protection Act 1970. Typically, these are sites where contamination of land and/or groundwater presents an unacceptable risk to human health or to the environment. The condition of these sites is not compatible with the current or approved use of the site without active management to reduce the risk to human health and the environment. Such management can include clean-up, monitoring and/or institutional controls.

The priority sites data provides information about all current/active priority sites. Once a site has complied with notices it is removed from the PSR list.

This dataset mirrors the PSR data available on EPA's website, but may not be up to date due to data transfer processes. For the most up to date data, go to EPA's website to download the PSR pdf document.

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Published (Metadata Record) 11/11/2022
Last updated 24/05/2023
Organisation Environment Protection Authority Victoria
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