Native Vegetation - Modelled Quality (Site condition and landscape context) 2005

This dataset is a modelled dataset of the quality of Terrestrial Native Vegetation as per the "Habitat Hectares" approach (Parkes et al, 2003). Specifically it is a model of the "Habitat Score" which is an index comprising ten (10) separate metrics that are weighted and summed. Seven (7) of these are site-based vegetation condition metrics, referred to collectively as the "Site Score" and three(3) are related to the spatial context of the site and referred to collectively as the "Landscape Score". The Site Score comprises 75% of the final quality score and the Landscape Score makes up the other 25%. Site Score Components: Large Tree Score (10), Canopy Cover Score (5), Understorey Score (25), Litter Score (5), Log Score (5), Weed Score (15), Recruitment Score (10) Landscape Score Components: Patch Size/Shape (10), Neighbourhood &Connectivity (15)

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Published (Metadata Record) 11/11/2022
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