Native Vegetation Regulation (2017) Habitat Importance Maps (HIM) for VROTs species

This replaces SPECIES_HABITAT_V4_HPNV, which had replaced V4_HDNV and V4_HINV. This data series is a set of spatial maps describing importance of suitable habitat within the current extent of native vegetation for some species. These species are rare or threatened and their habitat is described as either dispersed or highly localised (ie remaining habitat within Native Vegetation is either greater than or less than 2000 ha respectively based on IUCN categorisation). These models have been developed for use in the native vegetation removal regulations. Thresholds have been applied to the maps because lower likelihood areas do not receive species-specific consideration in the assessment process. Habitat importance is ranked for dispersed species; for highly localised habitats it is equal across the map. The values stored in these data are used to calculate habitat value and offsets under the native vegetation removal regulations (2017).

Note that for dispersed species the values stored in these data must be divided by 100 to calculate the habitat importance score.

Dataset Series Naming: NVR2017_HIM[taxa_id]_vg94.tif where taxa_id is based on VBA taxon_id vg94 is the projection vicgrid94.

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