Victorian Government School Zones 2020

All public primary and secondary schools, including Prep/Foundation to Year 9 and multi-campus schools have enrolment zones. This does not include schools with specific enrolment criteria including English Language Schools and Select Entry Schools. Specialist schools also do not have zones and have special enrolment criteria. Designated neighbourhood schools are generally the public school within closest proximity to the student’s permanent residential address, unless the Minister for Education or Regional Director has restricted the zone of the school. Closest proximity is calculated as the nearest school by straight line distance in metropolitan areas (including Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo), or the nearest school by shortest practical route (in regional areas). Zones were produces in Datum 1994 VicGrid projection (epsg: 3111) using locations that represent the front of the school or driveway access. Voronoi polygons define the measure of straight line distance and calculations using road classes 0 to 7 in the VicMap road network layer were used to define the measure of shortest practical route. The zones of schools defined as metropolitan have taken preference over the zones of regional schools where they interface. A small number of zones have been restricted by the Minister for Education to support schools in managing their enrolments. Some schools zones have been aligned with structural and geographic barriers recognising the significant accessibility issues they impose. School enrolment zones are reviewed annually and updated as government school provision changes. The school zone dataset is comprised of distinct map layers for primary schools and for each year of secondary school, acknowledging the different year levels offered by schools. The zone layers can be used in conjunction with the school locations csv file also available on School zones have been published on the website.

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