2019 Aerial Imagery

This dataset contains an aerial image mosaic of the City of Melbourne municipal area. This image provies a 'top down' view of the city and is availible for download in a georeferenced format.

Capture Information - Capture Date: 2nd/3rd February 2019 - Capture Pixel Size: 5cm - Map Projection: MGA Zone 55 (MGA55)

Additional technical information: ArborCarbon collected the aerial image using the ArborCam, a unique 11-band airborne multispectral camera system optimized for the accurate detection of vegetation and subtle changes in vegetation condition. ArborCarbon have created this seamless 5cm pixel resolution RGB mosaic co-registered to the 4-band image.

The multispectral imagery was acquired at 8,000ft above ground level over the City of Melbourne under cloudless conditions between 09:45 and 12:45 on 2nd and 3rd February 2019. Imagery was acquired with the ArborCam system with a ground sample distance (GSD) ranging from 6 cm/pixel to 25 cm/pixel dependent on the band.Preview Image:See an example image showing the data quality of the aerial.Download:Download the aerial image as a ecw file (6GB)

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Published (Metadata Record) 07/03/2023
Last updated 08/02/2024
Organisation City of Melbourne
License - other CC BY
Category Local government
Full metadata URL https://data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/explore/dataset/2019-aerial-imagery/information/