Cash flow aggregates 2013-14 (General Government)

This spreadsheet provides historical time-series data for the cash aggregates - cash receipts, cash payments and net cash flows - of the general government sector and includes forecasts from the 2014-2015 Budget.

The Cash Flow Statement shows the trends in general government sector aggregate cash flows over the period 1986-87 to 2014-15. This table of historical data has been compiled as far as possible on an AAS basis, and from 2004-05 onwards, is consistent with the AASB 1049 cash flow statement presentation.

The data from 1997-98 include the transactions of government schools and arts institutions on a gross operating basis, as well as the full trading operations of TAFE institutes and hospitals, nursing homes and ambulances. Although this expanded coverage does not materially influence the net operating result for the general government sector, it does significantly increase the inflows and outflows presented in the cash flow statement.

The general government sector comprises all government departments, offices and other bodies engaged in providing services free of charge or at prices significantly below their cost of production. General government services include those which are mainly non-market in nature, those which are largely for collective consumption by the community and those which involve the transfer or redistribution of income.

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Published (Metadata record) 14/10/2014
Last updated 27/04/2019
Organisation Department of Treasury and Finance
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Data temporal coverage: 01/07/2013 to 30/06/2014