EPA Victoria - 30A approvals

Section 30A is an overriding provision of the Environment Protection Act under which the EPA can authorise discharges, emissions, storage, treatment, disposal and handling of waste in emergencies and other temporary situations that would otherwise be an offence under the Act.

30A approvals are not issued lightly, as they permit activities that would not normally be allowed.

Owners, occupiers or operators of commercial or industrial premises (with or without an EPA licence) may apply for a 30A approval. Examples of 30A approvals include emergency events (such as clean-up after a bushfire or flood), temporary events (like temporary relief of a public nuisance or community hardship) and commissioning (bringing new equipment on or offline).

EPA decides when to issue a 30A approval on a case-by-case basis, but we must respond to applications promptly. The approval must be consistent with the purpose, principles and other provision of the Act.

EPA takes a risk-based approach to the assessment of a 30A approval to ensure that the proposed activities:
 are appropriate for the event
will not cause any long-term damage to the environment
consider the needs of the community and other stakeholders.

30A approvals can last for up to 120 days.

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