Traffic Count Vehicle Classification 2014-2017

The City of Melbourne employs a contractor to perform traffic counts on roads throughout the municipality. The numbers of vehicles are recorded per hour and split into 12 categories based on the Austroads vehicle classification. Vehicle class 13 is used when the type of vehicle can’t be determined.

In the 2017/16 surveys all bikes, motorcycles and maximum speeds were captured. In the 2015 surveys not all surveys captured bikes, motorcycles and maximum speed. In the 2014 surveys no bikes, motorcycles or maximum speed were captured.

This data is designed to be joined to the road corridor data on road_segment and seg_id. Some records have more than one road segment this is because the survey crosses intersecting roads and the intersections have a road segment number. In the Road corridor table some road segments will have the same seg_id.

For a description of each field please see the attached data dictionary.

Known data issues: - 112 records had vehicle_class fields which contained the character '-'. This should value should be a 0 value.

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