Victorian Coastal Cliff Hazard Assessment 2023

The Victoria Coastal Cliff Erosion Assessment is a digital dataset (the product) consisting of multiple spatial layer outputs from modelled erosion (cliff instability) and risk assessment scenarios. Application of the data should be guided by the Victoria Coastal Cliff Assessment technical report (Tonkin and Taylor, September 2023) and expert advice. The product is not suitable for individual property scale assessments.

The datasets available are as follows. Further detail on technical assumptions for these scenarios are provided in the accompanying technical report "Victorian Coastal Cliff Assessment", Tonkin and Taylor, Sep 2023.

Areas susceptible to coastal cliff instability and/or erosion (ASCCIE) for a range of sea level rise scenarios (SLR): ASCCIE_Present_day_0.0mSLR ASCCIE_2040_0.2mSLR ASCCIE_2070_0.5mSLR ASCCIE_2100_0.8mSLR ASCCIE_2100_1.1mSLR ASCCIE_2100_1.4mSLR

Areas susceptible to Talus Runout (ASTaR): ASTaR_Present_day_0.0mSLR

Coastal compartments aggregated cliff risk ratings: Cliff_RiskRating_ShortTerm Cliff_RiskRating_MediumTerm Cliff_RiskRating_LongTerm

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