Victorian Flood History October 2022 Event Public

Polygon features representing the observed, derived or estimated inundation extent for floods that have occurred in Victoria. These are not linked to modelled flood data. Confirmed flood observations are derived from the automated and manual processing of data from the sources listed below. Note that while flood observations have manual oversight and corrections during the event, they are based on a point in time and may not necessarily represent the maximum flood extent. - Aerial photography - AIG observation - Air observation - Linescans - GPS - Ground Observer - Satellite imagery interpretations

The derived flood extent is from automated and manual processing of satellite data. This data is usually used to fill in gaps outside of areas covered by confirmed flood observations. Note that this flood extent data was prepared by the SCC Mapping Team for operational use only. It may have missing or incomplete data that could lead to gaps in analysis or visualisations. The dataset does not capture the peak flood extent in all areas. The dataset does not capture the extent of flash flooding. Past and future layers may be added as the data becomes available. List of events included in Supplemental Information

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