Victorian State School Electricity Consumption 2008-09

Electricity consumption measurements at State schools first became available via a pilot implementation of  a whole-of-Victorian-government environmental data system in DEECD in May 2013. While measurements are collected at a campus level, this dataset aggregates data geographically by Local Government Area (LGA). This aggregation not only ensures that individual schools remain unidentified, but also presents a summary of overall electricity usage within particular geographic localities. In addition, median usage is presented instead of average (mean) values to account for extreme levels of consumption that can give a skewed indication of overall LGA usage.

While there are figures for nearly all LGAs there are some for which no values are shown. This may be due to insufficient or non-available data, or to ensure confidentiality of individual schools in LGAs with a small number of schools.

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Published (Metadata Record) 18/06/2013
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