1999 Index of Stream Condition Scores

The ISC1999_SCORES dataset represents the 1999 Index of Stream Condition (ISC) overall score and subindex scores for each ISC river reach in the state of Victoria. The first ISC assessment in 1999 provided a snapshot of river health for major rivers and streams in Victoria. The 1999 ISC provides scores for five components of stream condition: (i) hydrology (based on a measure of the gross change between natural and existing monthly flows, catchment permeability and the presence of hydroelectric power stations); (ii) physical form (based on bed and bank stability, influence of artificial barriers, and instream physical habitat); (iii) streamside zone (based on types of plants; spatial extent, width, and intactness of riparian vegetation; and condition of wetlands and billabongs); (iv) water quality (based on an assessment of phosphorus, turbidity, electrical conductivity and pH); and (v) aquatic life (based on number of families of macroinvertebrates). Further information available at: https://www.water.vic.gov.au/waterways-and-catchments/rivers-estuaries-and-waterways/monitoring

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Published (Metadata Record) 12/06/2024
Last updated 13/06/2024
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