2010 Index of Stream Condition - Structure2 100m Section Summary Table

The ISC2010_STRUCTURE2_S table is the Statistical Summary table for the Structure2 Metric at the 100m Section level. Structure 2 represents vertical vegetation layering or structure and considers 6 height intervals: 1.5m to 5m, 5m to 10m, 10m to 15m, 15m to 20m, 20m to 25m and >25m.

The ISC2010_STRUCTURE2_S table is designed to JOIN to the ISC2010_RIVER_CENTRELINES_S feature class.

River condition in Victoria is assessed every 5 years using the Index of Stream Condition (ISC). The Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) developed a methodology to assess the Physical Form and Riparian Vegetation components of the ISC using remote sensing data, specifically LIDAR and aerial photography.

A State Wide mapping project was undertaken in 2010-13 to accurately map the Physical Form and Riparian Vegetation metrics of the ISC . Other ISC metrics were not assessed in the project and were derived from other sources.

The Physical Form and Riparian Vegetation Metric products are a combination of mapped Vector and Raster data as well as Tabular Summary Statistics about the mapped features. In the context of the project, the term Metrics is used to refer to both the mapped features and the summary statistics.

Remote sensing data used includes 15cm true colour and infra-red aerial photography and four return multi-pulse LiDAR data. This source data was used to derive a variety of Raster data sets including Digital Terrain Models, Slope, Vegetation Height and Vegetation Cover. The Digital Terrain and Slope rasters were used to map Physical Form metrics including Stream Bed, Top of Bank and River Centre Lines while the Vegetation Height and Cover rasters were used to map the Riparian Vegetation metrics. The Project Report "Aerial Remote Sensing for Physical Channel Form and Riparian Vegetation Mapping" describes the remote sensing and mapping approach used to create this data set.

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