2016 Bellarine Peninsula 1% AEP Coastal Inundation Dynamic Model with 0.8m Sea Level Rise - Highflow Scenario

The Bellarine-Corio Bay Local Coastal Hazard Assessment (LCHA) provides information on the extent of coastal hazards and their physical impacts for the Bellarine-Corio Bay coastal environment.

Dynamic inundation modelling was carried out to create this data layer for 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) coastal inundation under the assumption of 0.8 m Sea Level Rise in 2016 ("High Flow" scenario, for the following study areas along the coast of the Bellarine Peninsula and Greater Geelong area: Barwon Heads / Lake Connewarre; Breamlea; Newcomb; and Queenscliff / Lakers Cutting.

Details of the assumptions made in the derivation of this information can be found in project reports on the Our Coast website: http://www.ourcoast.org.au/cb_pages/resources.php. Users of this information should read these project reports to understand the limitations of the data.

Attribute Information: Max_d - Maximum depth (m); max_s - Maximum velocity (m/s); max_vxd - Velocity*Depth Criteria; max_wse - Maximuum water surface elevation (mAHD).

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