Apiary Buffer Zones

This layer is derived from the APIARY layer and defines a buffer zone around apiary sites as defined in the RADIUS field (800m for temporary sites, 1600m for permanent sites). This layer is created each time the APIARY layer is updated and all fields from the APIARY layer are maintained.

This layer includes all apiary licence sites, including Bee farm and Range licences and Temporary Apiary rights, as defined by Crown Land Management (CLM). There are a number of sites that may NOT be recorded in this layer because they do not have a valid "Tenure-ID" to assign to the site. Please view the APIARY metadata for more details on quality checks for Apiary sites.

The Tenure ID is a unique identifier, and the Tenure code determines the particular type of licence and what particular Act the licence falls under. The SITE_WC field is the Site number and the Workcentre number used in Gippsland. The ZONE field relates to the Zoning information (1-5) for Apiary Management Plans in Gippsland.

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    Apiary Buffer Zones

Additional Information

Field Value
Published (Metadata record) 09/07/2015
Last updated 28/03/2020
Organisation Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Data temporal coverage: 04/11/2009 to 31/12/2020
Full metadata URL http://services.land.vic.gov.au/catalogue/metadata?anzlicId=ANZVI0803003718&publicId=guest&extractionProviderId=1