Areas closed to hunting for a period of time

This dataset depicting areas where hunting is not permitted for a period of time and must be used with the other HUNT25 spatial datasets. The boundaries are largely derived from the PLM25 dataset which are supplemented with additional boundaries based on legislative restrictions on hunting. The areas in the dataset can relate to a given Game or Pest animal groups or specific species. The areas included in this dataset are based on powers within the Forest Act, National Park Act, Crown land (Reserve) Act, Land Act, and Wildlife Act. Note : Hunters are personally responsible for acting in accordance with the Firearms Act 1996 (including informing themselves about any prohibited locations within the areas shown on this map) and other relevant laws; obtaining the required hunting licence; and for hunting only within season. More information can be obtained from the Game Management Authority's web site.

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Published (Metadata Record) 24/11/2021
Last updated 13/06/2024
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