Crash Stats - Data Extract

CrashStats data is provided to users by VicRoads for the purpose of supplying information about road crashes in Victoria for educational purposes.

The data provided allows users to analyse Victorian fatal and injury crash data based on time, location, conditions, crash type, road user type, object hit etc.

File contains the following files extracted from the VicRoads CrashStats database.  See Additional Information for the period of data extract.

The files are as follows:


- accident (basic accident details, time, severity, location)

- person (person based details, age, sex etc)

- vehicle (vehicle based data, vehicle type, make etc)

- accident_event (sequence of events e.g. left road, rollover, caught fire)

- road_surface_cond (whether road was wet, dry, icy etc)

- atmospheric_cond (rain, winds etc)

- sub_dca (detailed codes describing accident)

- accident_node (master location table - NB subset of accident table)

- Node Table with Lat/Long references

The files contained are documented in the CrashStats User Guide and Appendix, accessible at:

“Data Currency Update - The Department of Transport and Planning apologises for the ongoing delay to the update of this valuable open dataset. We are actively working towards getting more up-to-date information into the public domain again and are committed to ensure the quality of the data is suitable to support the many use cases that we hear from the Open Data community. Our aim is to provide the updated data at the end of 2023 and are working hard behind the scenes to ensure this happens. We appreciate your patience and ask that you bear with us as we work hard to rectify this issue.”

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