Victoria Road Crash Data

This data has been consolidated from Victoria Police reports and Hospital injury information, then validated and enriched to provide a comprehensive and detailed view of road crashes and injuries across Victoria. The data provides users with information about Victorian fatal and injury road crash data based on time, location, conditions, crash type, road user type, and other relevant attributes.

This information will be updated on a monthly basis but with a 7 month lag in order to provide a comprehensive view of incidents during that time period.

The CSV data is split across multiple tables with attributes to facilitate joins between the information. This has been captured as part of the supporting documentation in the metadata. The tables and attributes include: - accident (basic accident details, time, severity, location) - person (person based details, age, gender etc) - vehicle (vehicle based data, vehicle type, make etc) - accident_event (sequence of events e.g. left road, rollover, caught fire) - road_surface_cond (whether road was wet, dry, icy etc) - atmospheric_cond (rain, winds etc) - sub_dca (detailed codes describing accident) - accident_node (master location table - NB subset of accident table) - Node Table with Lat/Long references

The GeoJSON data is a single flat file containing a subset of the attributes from the CSV files. It provides a single set of attributes for each road crash that has occurred within Victoria. Supporting documentation in the metadata will provide further details of the attributes.

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No claim is made as to the accuracy or currency of the content on this site at any time, there will be instances where attributes relating to a crash are amended over time. This data is provided on the basis that users undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. Data relating to fatal crashes that have occurred recently are provisional and are subject to change or removal. They will have a high level of incompleteness and details will be amended before they are finalised. The Victorian Government and Department of Transport and Planning accept no liability to any person or group for the data or advice (or the use of such data or advice) which is provided or incorporated into it by reference.

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Published (Metadata Record) 01/01/2012
Last updated 14/06/2024
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