Lineaments interpreted from Radiometric Data

This dataset was derived using 50m gridded radiometrics data including:

Plain raster images of individual channels (TC, K, Th & U) Individual channels (TC, K, Th & U) draped over topography RGB false colour images of K (red), Th (green) and U (blue) with and without topography and lineaments and compared to topography and lineaments.

(where Total Count - TC, Potassium - K, Thorium - Th and Uranium -U) .

The interpretation was completed on a regional or sub-regional scale using geophysical remote sensing techniques. By combining the radiometrics and topography datasets, a pseudo-geomorphology is created. The radiometrics respond to soil cover in first the 0.5m of depth. As soils may change across small fault boundaries, radiometric lineaments bear the best relationship with topographic lineaments. From the various radiometric outputs the following key observations have been made:

The ENE-WSW lineaments are evident but not as extensively as in the interpreted topographic dataset; The NNW-SSE lineament datasets is most dominant in the radiometric data; In the Otway Basin, many radiometric lineaments are parallel to the cost and are due to strandlines or basin faults; In the Murray Basin, strandlines are obvious as they are evident in the topographic data; In some cases, the soil radiometric chemistry changes across topographic lineaments, supporting the interpretation of topographic lineaments as evidence of small palaeo-fault movement.

The dataset was compiled by GHD to inform the report 'Potential Influences of Geological Structures on Groundwater Flow Systems' for DEPI's Secure Allocation Future Entitlements (SAFE) Project.

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    Lineaments interpreted from Radiometric Data

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