Map of Victoria with locations of swooping birds populated by the public

The dataset is populated by the public as they encounter swooping birds during their nesting season. People are asked to pinpoint the location on the map, state the date the swooping occurred, species and number of birds involved and provide additional comment. The map is provided to inform the public of swooping bird "hot spots" so that they can prevent impacts from swooping birds, by avoiding areas temporarily. It is also useful for DELWP to gather intelligence on potential problem birds that may require management. The dataset contains records of swooping birds, displayed on a map of Victoria, including information on date of incident, location, species and number of birds implicated, and any additional comments about the incident.

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Created (Data asset) 01/12/2021
Last updated 03/12/2021
Organisation Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International