Marine Assets

This layer provides the boundaries of significant marine environmental assets which have been identified on the basis of their environmental value (at statewide, bioregional or local significance scale) for marine biodiversity and/or marine ecological processes. Victoria's marine protected areas, including the Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries, are not included in this leayer unless they fall within the boundaries of larger identified asset areas.

Separate expert workshops were held to identify these marine environmental assets in each of the following marine regions: Port Phillip Bay, Western Port, Western Victoria and Gippsland. The relative environmental significance of each asset identified was also rated by experts using the following categories: statewide, bioregional or local. Within each category, assets whose value relates primarily to use by birds that are not exclusively marine were rated separately to those whose value relates to exclusively marine species or ecological processes. These significance ratings were assessed separately for each region but the comparability of asset ratings across regions was then reviewed.

This supersedes the earlier ASSET_MARINE layer.

Blue Whale feeding/ Bonney upweling and Blue Whale Distribution asset areas were also identified through the above process, but have not been included in the layer because they encompass the majority of Victorian waters.

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    Marine Assets

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Published (Metadata record) 01/08/2014
Last updated 04/03/2020
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