PLM25 Overlays including Reference Areas, Heritage Rivers, Wilderness Zones, Remote & Natural Areas and Natural Catchment Areas

This dataset was created in conjunction with PLM25, to represent the management overlays. The attributes are based on the PLM25 structure. The overlays have been mapped at 1:25 000, using VicMap topographic data to create more accurate and identifiable boundaries.

PLM25_OVERLAYS is located under the CROWNLAND schema. It has been created in conjunction with PLM25 to ensure the overlays match the PLM25 land management categories.

PLEASE NOTE: This dataset now replaces the PLM100 overlays.

PLM25_OVERLAYS have been created by loading Reference areas, wilderness zones, heritage rivers, remote and natural areas and natural catchment areas into one dataset. They are also available as separate datasets.

This dataset is a representation of the certified plans - the gazettal and certified plans are the official boundaries.

Currently the creation process is not automated or synchronised with PLM25 updates. For more information please contact the Information Services Division.

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