Principal Bicycle Network (PBN)

The Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) is a network of proposed and existingcycle routes that help people cycle for transport, and provide access to majordestinations in Victoria. Cycling for transportincludes riding bicycles to work, to school, shopping, visiting friends etc.    The PBN is also a 'bicycle infastructure planning tool' to guide Stateinvestment in the development of transport bicycle network. The PBN is one ofa number of network planning tools. (other examples includeindividual Council networks) Together these networks make up the developingcycle infrastructure of Victoria.    The PBN makes use of many local roads and off-road paths, as well as Statearterial roads. New bicycle facilities on the PBN are designed with theprinciple of increasing separation between cyclists and motorists, and givingpriority to cyclists at key intersections.Metadata

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