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Residential lots are parcels of land intended for housing development. In fringe areas there would generally (but not in all cases) be one dwelling built on each lot. In established areas residential lots may be parcels of land created by subdividing larger properties or redeveloping land from other uses, often for multi-purpose construction. While technically still defined as residential lots, the latter may more usefully be considered as dwelling units.
Only metropolitan Melbourne is included.
Residential lots in subdivision plans: Councils provide the number of residential lots which were submitted to them in subdivision plans where a planning permit is required for subdivision.
Water supply conditions accepted for residential lots: Water supply authorities provide the number of formal offers made by these authorities and accepted by land owners for the provision of water supply to residential lots in plans.
Certification of residential lots: Councils provide the number of residential lots for which certification has been given. Certification is given when a plan complies with the conditions of the planning permit or planning scheme provisions.
Residential lots released: Councils provide the number of lots which have been completed to the satisfaction of the Council and have been issued with a Statement of Compliance. At this point the subdivision requirements have been satisfied for roadworks, drainage, water supply and any other construction.
Dwelling approvals: The Australian Bureau of Statistics provide the number of “houses” and “other residential” dwellings approved for each municipality.

The current Residential Land Bulletin publication is available:

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