Restricted and Unavailable Crown Land for Petroleum Operations

Land where special permission must be obtained for Petroleum Opertaions

This layer was developed for land classification for the Petroleum Act 1998

This layer is derived mostly from selections from Public Land Management PLM25. Other sources of data include PLM100_V_MMT_WILDLIFE_MGMT for wildlife reserves, PLM100_V_MMT_HERITAGE_RIVER for heritage rivers, PLM100_V_MMT_NATRL_CATCHMENT for natural catchemnt area , PLM100_V_MMT_REFERENCE_AREAS for reference areas, PLM100_V_MMT_WILDERNESS_ZONE for wilderness zones and VEACREC25_POLYGON for water authority land.

The dataset PLM25_PA is an amalgamation of features defined by: Petroleum Act 1998- SECT 137 Petroleum Act 1998- SECT 139 Petroleum Act 1998- SECT 140 and National Parks Act 1975 SECT 40 Part (2)

The GeoVic3 layers: Wilderness and Reference (PA s.137) Restricted Crown Land (PA s.139) Water Authority Land (PA s.140) and National and State Parks (NPA s. 40(2))

are subsets from the layer PLM25_PA

PLM25_PA has captured the following features: regional parks coastal parks, including Gippsland Lakes Reserve marine parks wildlife reserves including Wildlife Management Co-operative Areas wildlife reserves including Wildlife Management Co-operative Areas natural features and scenic reserves including caves and geological reserves bushland reserves historic areas and reserves public land water frontage reserves streamside reserves including River Murray Reserve coastal reserves national heritage parks nature conservation reserves historic and cultural features reserves alpine resorts heritage rivers natural catchment areas crown land reserves - natural feature reserves crown land reserves - nature conservation reserves crown land reserves - forest parks reference areas national parks wilderness areas state parks wilderness zones water authority land

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