Salinity Provinces of Victoria

Salinity Provinces (SPs) provide a framework for describing land and water (both surface and groundwater) salinity in Victoria. These are specific geographic areas where the landscape setting and physical processes contributing to salinity are similar, and where salinity management options are also similar. Each Province contains discrete salinity impacted areas where there is a concentration or higher incidence of land and/or water salinisation, which may or may not have been mapped. This may be primary or secondary salinity, the development of which can be explained by a particular landscape setting, groundwater process or most commonly, Groundwater Flow System(s) (GFS(s)).

The soil salinity mapping used to help delineate the SPs does not cover the Irrigation Regions of the State. In these areas, depth to watertable and watertable salinity mapping has been used to convey the threat of high watertables on soil waterlogging and/or soil salinisation. This information is yet to be included in the individual SP pages on Victorian Resources Online but links to existing maps have been added where appropriate.

More information on the Salinity Province Mapping can be found on Victorian Resources Online website:

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