Solar Irradiance for Victoria

The solar resource has been mapped on a 5 km x 5 km grid across Victoria, with the lowest achievable uncertainty (or error), for the following five components (or measures) of solar irradiance: - global horizontal irradiance (GHI) - global irradiance on a north facing plane inclined at latitude angle (GTI) - global irradiance on a 2 axis tracking normal plane (GNI) - direct beam irradiance (DNI) - diffuse horizontal irradiance (Diff).

The data has been reformatted to include values for annual average as well as seasonal variations from data supplied by Hydro Electric Corporation trading as Entura The methodology is contained within the report prepared by Entura which is downloadable here:

Departmental contact: Dr. Adrian Panow Director, Energy Investment Department of Primary Industries - Victoria Ph: 9658 4140 Email:

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