Surface Geochemistry Samples (being Superceded by GEOCHEMISTRY)

Surface Geochemistry Samples is derived from Minerals and Petroleum's SITES Oracle RDBMS. Data have been obtained from company reports of expired mineral Exploration and Mining Licences since 1965.

A surface sample is typically taken to comprise a sample taken from the weathered profile, and which is the only sample taken at that location. It may be a soil or it may be a sediment taken from an active stream bed. Though most soil samples are taken from the B- or C-horizon (approx. 10-40 cm depth) the dataset may, for example, include a sample taken from 2 m depth and obtained by augering. There is, thus, a continuum between surface geochemistry and boreholes datasets.

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    Surface Geochemistry Samples (being Superceded by GEOCHEMISTRY)

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Published (Metadata record) 01/08/2014
Last updated 23/09/2020
Organisation Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Data temporal coverage: 01/01/1997 to 01/06/2008
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