Unplanned Disruptions – Road

This dataset contains the locations and details of all unplanned road closures and traffic alerts recorded by the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP), in near real-time. Also included are tow truck allocations within the Melbourne Controlled Area (including Mornington Peninsula) which is done by the Accident Allocation Centre, managed under contract to the DTP. The records either represent a road disruption affecting either a point on a road or a length of road or tow trucks in the Melbourne Controlled Area attending an accident scene for vehicles with a gross vehicle mass less than 4 tonnes only after receiving an allocation number.

This dataset uses the GeoJSON format. For more information about the GeoJSON format, see the GeoJSON specification here: https://geojson.org/

NOTE: This API endpoint has a rate limit of 6 calls per minute. Each query returns a maximum of 1000 records. To query additional data, please copy and paste the “nextPageToken” string into the NextPageToken field within the headers section. Once all records are returned then “hasMoreRecords” will be set to false.

Please refer to this link for the Unplanned Disruptions – Road Technical Documentation:


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Published (Metadata Record) 22/12/2022
Last updated 18/01/2024
Organisation Department of Transport and Planning
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Category Transport