Urban Development Program - Industrial Land History

Identifies all industrial land and the development status and size of each land parcel in hectare across metropolitan Melbourne since 2004 This information identifies all industrial zoned land (Industrial 1, 2 and 3 as well as Commercial 2 Zone), and land of an industrial character and includes the Airport Business Parks, selected Special Use Zones, selected Comprehensive Development Zones and specific precincts within the Activity Centre Zones and Urban Growth Zones. Each land parcel is assessed as being either Unavailable (currently being used) or Supply (vacant).

Urban Development Program (UDP).

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Published (Metadata Record) 24/11/2022
Last updated 18/01/2024
Organisation Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Category Spatial Data
Full metadata URL https://metashare.maps.vic.gov.au/geonetwork/srv/api/records/d96bdc7d-f381-5459-acfa-853916c0cd6c/formatters/sdm-html?root=html&output=html