VEAC Metropolitan Melbourne Open Space Inventory

The dataset consists of polygons delineating areas of public land(1) and local council land(2) that have been classified as public open space. Polygon attributes describe the public open space category and owner. The datset covers 31 municipalities in metropolitan Melbourne.

The definition used to attribute a polyon as public open space is 'those areas of public land and local council land that have an accepted and ongoing community use for outdoor recreation and informal activities, and that are freely accessible to the public'.

The VEAC Metropolitan Melbourne Open Space Inventory does not include Commonwealth land; schools; cemeteries; gated facilities; road plantations; closed roads; concourses around stadia; inaccessible Trust for Nature properties; 'services and utilities' public land that does not have an ongoing recreational use; future open space (e.g. areas covered by Public Aquisition Overlays); and uncategorised public land.

  1. 'Public Land' is Crown land and freehold land owned by Victorian Government Agencies.

  2. 'Local Council Land' is freehold land owned by local councils.

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Published (Metadata Record) 26/09/2023
Last updated 18/01/2024
Organisation Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
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