Vicmap Crown Land Tenure - Government Road Polygon

Part of the Vicmap Crown Land Tenure dataset series. This dataset plays a key role in the management of Victoria's Crown land. It is being created (June 2003 - Feb 2004) from migrating LCMP layers into the Vicmap structure. At this stage it does not cover Metropolitan Melbourne.

The layer provides information about Crown Roads.

The dataset is continually maintained, obtaining maintenance from authoritative sources within State Government.

GOV_ROAD_POLYGON is a polygon layer depicting Government Roads including roads as laid out on Parish Plans & proclaimed as Road in Government Gazettes.

The Vicmap Parcel and VM_CROWN_SIMPLE layer is also recording "G" CROWN_STATUS Parcels that are Government Roads parcelled by the Crown Land Registry unit.

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Published (Metadata Record) 24/11/2022
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