Vicmap Land Administration Themes - Government Road Polygon

Part of the VLAT dataset series. This dataset plays a key role in the management of Victoria's Crown land. It is being created (June 2003 - Feb 2004) from migrating LCMP layers into the Vicmap structure. At this stage it does not cover Metropolitan Melbourne.

The layer provides information about Crown Roads.

This dataset s a raw superset of GOV_ROAD_POLYGON. It shows the current and retired states of each feature instance. It supports feature versioning (UFI_RETIRED) and enables feature edting chaining (UFI_OLD).

The dataset is continually maintained, obtaining maintenance from authoritative sources within State Government.

VLAT_GOV_ROAD_POLYGON is a polygon layer depicting Government Roads including roads as laid out on Parish Plans & proclaimed as Road in Government Gazettes.

The Vicmap Parcel and VM_CROWN_SIMPLE layer is also recording "G" CROWN_STATUS Parcels that are Government Roads parcelled by the Crown Land Registry unit.

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