Vicmap Property - Display View Polygon

This dataset contains polygons which cover the cities and major towns, and smaller developed areas.

These polygons are not intended to represent "built up areas", nor do they define areas available for development. They include most of the denser areas with small property polygons, but they can include larger blocks for the convenience of simplifying the boundaries.

As far as practicable they have been aligned to property boundaries, so a property is either "inside" or "outside". There are some exceptions for features such as rivers, and multi-part polygons which may have widely separated parts.

This dataset is used to create the property_view_dvp and parcel_view_dvp datasets. These datasets have a "display" column which can be used to limit the display of the property or parcel polygons to appropriate scales. These datasets can be used to improve the efficiency of web mapping.

The polygons will be updated on an occasional basis to include newly subdivided areas.

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Published (Metadata Record) 27/09/2023
Last updated 17/07/2024
Organisation Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Category Spatial Data
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