Vicmap Property - Property Table

This layer contains aspatial details for all properties in Victoria. A property is defined as land, usually contiguous, under one ownership, and of a common class and tenure. It is used for land under common occupation particularly for the purpose of rating, billing or habitation. Properties are typically described by street address allocated by an authority such as local government.

It includes: - Property numbers as allocated by local governement authority; - Registered and proposed status; - Type of property, ie, single or multi-assessment; - LGA code; - Unique Feature Identifiers, date stamps and data quality information.

Address information IS NOT included in Vicmap Property. MetaX records this dataset as VMPROP.PROPERTY

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Published (Metadata Record) 24/11/2022
Last updated 13/06/2024
Organisation Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Category Spatial Data
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