Vicmap Reference - Vicmap Reference Table

Part of VMREFTAB, the set of Reference Tables for the Victorian Spatial Data Libary (VSDL) suite of products.

The MD_COLUMN_NAME_MAPPING table maps VSDL object column names that are longer than 10 characters to column names that are less than 11 characters long.

This mapping supports the generation and importing of shapefiles whose column names cannot be longer than 10 characters.

In some instances, column name mapping may be explicitly applied to a table. In most instances the default column name mapping will be applied (TABLE_OWNER and TABLE_NAME equal to "_DEFAULT").

Unique mapping of column names for an object is assured when using this table.

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Field Value
Published (Metadata Record) 26/09/2023
Last updated 18/01/2024
Organisation Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Category Spatial Data
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