Vicmap Transport - Road and Paper Road Line

This layer is a superset of the Vicmap TR_ROAD dataset; the latter dataset that is part of Vicmap Transport.

It is an extensive digital road network - line features delineating state wide road network.

In addtion to all features contained in TR_ROAD; bridges, connectors, footbridges, foot tracks, roads, roundabouts & tunnels, it also includes paper roads to provide a complete road name register.

Paper roads (feature_type_code 'paper_road') exist only on paper, such as a plan of subdivision, and are unlikely to be ever built due to planning restrictions. However, some councils hold addresses and property information against these paper roads. Currently it is not possible to differentiate between addresses who have an incorrect road name and paper road names.

Attribution includes names, alias names, feature_type, class, direction, locality, unique feature identification, suburb/locality.

See documentation for Vicmap TR_ROAD for most information about this dataset.

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