Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity

As part of VISTA, all members of surveyed households are asked to complete a travel diary for a single specified day. By collecting information on all personal travel made - from walking the dog, through to a flight interstate - the results of VISTA enhance our understanding of the complex travel interactions occurring across our communities. This detailed picture of travel informs the transport and land-use planning decisions being made by government.

The current VISTA survey program began in July 2012, and will run until July 2016. Data collection is spread evenly across each year, allowing average daily travel behaviours to be described. Previous VISTA surveys were also conducted in the 2007-08 and 2009-10 financial years. VISTA data is available to registered users through VISTA Online (a detailed data analysis tool) and also by download of de-identified unit-record data. Registration is free of charge for all users, and is available from the VISTA homepage.

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